NIAK overview

The neuroimaging analysis kit (NIAK) is a library of pipelines for the preprocessing and mining of connectomes extracted from large functional magnetic resonance imaging data, using GNU Octave. NIAK offers a catalogue of robust, validated workflows for complex tasks such as registration and denoising of brain images, as well as data-driven functional brain parcellation or connectome-wide association studies. NIAK is an open-source software distributed under MIT license. Linux, Mac OSX and Windows are supported using Docker or Singularity. The package reads and writes MINC or NIFTI 4D files (possibly compressed). A list of all contributors can be found on the github wiki.


NIAK has lived a long and happy life, but has now become redundant with other more active projects, namely fMRIprep and nilearn. As of 2021, the SIMEXP lab is not actively maintaining or developing NIAK.

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